June 9, 2010

Guilty Gear Sol Badguy Cosplay Costume

Are you also an aloof man like Sol Badguy in Guilty Gear? If you are looking for something to play up your cosplay look, here comes Guilty Gear Sol Badguy cosplay costume, fine in details. Free shipping is attached as a real boon for you! Now check it out!

Sol Badguy always dons his stylish uniforms of a color palette of red, white and black. If you are a big fan of this character in Guilty Gear, you would remember that cool look. To be honest with the original role, our Guilty Gear Sol Badguy cosplay costume is crafted to remake the image of the role. A red jacket with black edges is seen connected with a leather belts. Styled black underwear and white trousers finish the lower part. Besides, matching shoes covers and wrist bans, black matching gloves, headwear are also spotted to complete the over-all look!

Picture from www.flickr.com

Made of uniform cloth, spandex and leather with the most care, this Sol Badguy cosplay costume comes with high quality for durable wear. Chic cuts and precise stitching again insures the durable wear.

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Picture from www.flickr.com

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