June 9, 2010

Guilty Gear Sol Badguy Cosplay Costume

Are you also an aloof man like Sol Badguy in Guilty Gear? If you are looking for something to play up your cosplay look, here comes Guilty Gear Sol Badguy cosplay costume, fine in details. Free shipping is attached as a real boon for you! Now check it out!

Sol Badguy always dons his stylish uniforms of a color palette of red, white and black. If you are a big fan of this character in Guilty Gear, you would remember that cool look. To be honest with the original role, our Guilty Gear Sol Badguy cosplay costume is crafted to remake the image of the role. A red jacket with black edges is seen connected with a leather belts. Styled black underwear and white trousers finish the lower part. Besides, matching shoes covers and wrist bans, black matching gloves, headwear are also spotted to complete the over-all look!

Picture from www.flickr.com

Made of uniform cloth, spandex and leather with the most care, this Sol Badguy cosplay costume comes with high quality for durable wear. Chic cuts and precise stitching again insures the durable wear.

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Picture from www.flickr.com

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June 2, 2010

Guilty Gear Jellyfish Pirate May Cosplay Costume

Picture from www.flickr.com

It is really cool to be a private like the May in Guilty Gear! And here genius cosplayers get dressed up with her wearing! Fantastic! Actually you will see Guilty Gear Jellyfish Pirate May cosplay costume offered here, fine in details! Now take a look!

Taking his anchor, this jellyfish pirate leader may get dressed in orange and black suit. The orange pirate hat pops out with a skeleton print in the front. May looks really glamed up with black body stockings, orange costumes with black trim. White gloves, matching orange and black shoes are seen to complete the vivid look.

Picture from www.flickr.com

Here this jellyfish pirate May gets a right posture! What do you think? This May just gets more spiced look with skeleton decorated black gloves and a sliver accessory in the front. And the anchor gets a little bigger.

Cosplay is just the fun asking for patience to get everything perfect. It is a real fun adventure to seek all you need to complete the vivid look of your chosen character. And here you will meet a nice offer- Guilty Gear Jellyfish Pirate May Cosplay Costume, fine in details! (Also you can get matching wigs, accessories and weapons to play up the look) Now check it out below:

May 25, 2010

Guilty Gear Millia Rage Cosplay Costume

Picture from www.flickr.com

Do you want to get the real Millia Rage appearance in Guilty Gear? Probably you are just seeking for wigs, costumes, props for your cosplay show! Then here you encounter a nice offer- Guilty Gear Millia Rage cosplay costume, fine in details. Take a look!

Featuring the willful golden hair, Millia Rage in Guilty Gear wears a short white gown, which reaches the thigh. Blue linear details are seen in the front, on the sleeves and neckline. Black zippy detail is also spotted to spice up the look. Fine detailed long black gloves with naked fingers look really stylish. Blue headgear, blue and white boots are also seen to complete the vivid Millia Rage look.

Picture from www.flickr.com

Here this Millia Rage in the sunlight appears really attractive, right? Getting dressed in the mirrored Guilt Gear Millia Rage’s uniform, all things come to life. If you also want to get dressed like this, the proper underwear is needed. Just like this picture, tight black shorts are good one to secure any posture you want to relax!

It is amazing! Do you also want to share the same funny adventure as this Millia Rage in Guilty Gear? Here the Guilty Gear Millia Rage Cosplay Costume is offered with excellent details and comfortable quality fabric. (Wigs and other props are also offered in our rich collection). Grab the proper costume, you will be on the way to steal the cosplay show! Check it our below now:

May 20, 2010

Guilty Gear Bridget Cosplay Costume

Are you looking for nice costume to dress up as the Bridget in Guilty Gear? This character can really be both cute and sexy! It would be a real fun adventure! Now, get ready to head for the cute and sexy Bridget on her Guilty Gear Bridget Cosplay Costume?

Here this Guilty Gear Bridget cosplay costume is offered at a really lovable price you can ever find! Free shipping is also attached as a real boon for you! Check it out at our site!

Picture from www.flickr.com

Look at this photoshot, the Bridget wears her sexy blue and white sleeveless shirt with black tight shorts. She appears really cute and alluring, right? Getting a yellow laces tied, her nice look is finished with blue headscarf in white details and gold wig, black and white gloves, white socks and black shoes. A black handcuff on her waist adds a symbolized undertone to her appearance, while the little bear spices up her look with cute flair.

Picture from www.flickr.com

Lovely Bridget! The yellow cross-shaped details are spotted. The color palette is beautiful-bright blue and white suit and scarf, light yellow ties, light brown bear and black and white gloves, the gold wig, black eyes. Everything matches perfect! Do you also want to achieve that look?

Experienced cosplayers can even get their chosen character more than come to life. They perfectly connect themselves with the original character! Yes, if you are also searching for something for fun, how about select this cute and sexy Bridget to cosplay? Here I have found Guilty Gear Bridget Cosplay Costumes offered in fine details and reasonable prices for your reference. Our friendly customer services are fast.

April 28, 2010

Guilty Gear Cosplay video from Sakuracon 2007

Guilty Gear cosplay photos collection part 1

just wanna collect more and more Guilty Gear cosplay photos in this little blog, including the charactars : Axl Low,Chipp Zanuff,Dr. Baldhead,Kliff Undersn,Ky Kiske,May,Millia Rage,Potemkin,Sol Badguy,Zato-1 . hope you can find some good ideas about how to cosplay Guilty Gear